Hawk: Rodgers Could Make Any Team Successful

Aaron Rodgers had the luxury of sitting for three seasons and learning from Brett Favre, but he would have been successful regardless, A.J. Hawk says

Reiter Than You
September 27, 2018 - 11:37 pm

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Five quarterbacks were selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and all of them have already seen the field in some form or fashion this season.

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t quite so lucky – or was he?

A first-round pick in 2005, Rodgers attempted just 59 passes in his first three seasons, as he sat behind Brett Favre. It’s possible that three-year apprenticeship helped make him the quarterback he is today.

It’s possible, A.J. Hawk said, but Rodgers was going to succeed no matter what.

“Aaron’s a rare breed, a rare combination,” the former Packers linebacker said on Reiter Than You. “No matter when he played, no matter what team he would have gone to, whatever coaches he had, he would have been the Aaron Rodgers of today. I think the majority of quarterbacks, you need to go to the right place at the right time and you need to have some pieces in place around you. I think Aaron is good enough to transcend all of that. He doesn’t need really anything around him. He’s going to find a way to make that team successful. 

“So yeah, I’m sure he definitely takes some things from learning under Brett,” Hawk continued. “I played two years there with Brett, and Aaron was the scout-team quarterback during that time. He was just carving us up daily. We knew how good he was from an early age before he ever started for the Packers.”

Hawk played with Rodgers from 2006-14 and won a Super Bowl with him in February 2011. He believes some quarterbacks can benefit from sitting, but very few have that luxury.

“If you’re a head coach in the NFL right now, you don’t have a long leash,” Hawk said. “If you have a guy that’s going to potentially be your franchise quarterback, you need to find out if he's your guy because that’s your chance. If you find your franchise quarterback, you are not guaranteed, but you have a lot better chance of sticking around for a long time and taking that team to the playoffs and having some consistent success.”