Adam Rank: Bears Could Win NFC North

The NFC North is up for grabs, the NFL Network analyst said, and the Bears are "a legitimate team"

The DA Show
October 08, 2018 - 10:47 am

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It’s still early, but five weeks into the season, the NFC North is completely up for grabs, as only one team – Chicago (3-1) – is above .500. The other three teams – Green Bay (2-2-1), Minnesota (2-2-1) and Detroit (2-3) – have looked good one week and, well, not-so-good the next.

Could the Bears actually win the NFC North, which they haven’t done since 2010?

“Oh, 100 percent,” NFL Network analyst Adam Rank said on The DA Show. “I truly believe – and I’m a Bears fan – I’ve witnessed this kind of phenomenon before where you have a coach who’s won a championship but then it seems like they’re now starting to over-extend their welcome. I feel like you get that with the Packers.”

The Packers lost 31-23 at Detroit on Sunday. Rank found Mike McCarthy’s game-plan puzzling.

“They went into this game with the Lions, who have allowed the most rushing yards all season,” Rank said. “You look at that team, your quarterback is hobbled on one knee, half of your receiving corps has been on the injury report leading up to the week – it just seemed right to have a guy like Aaron Jones, who’s been unbelievable. Every time he touches the ball, it seems like he gains seven yards. And nope.”

Jones finished with seven carries for 40 yards. Aaron Rodgers, meanwhile, was 32-of-52 for 442 yards and three touchdowns and had three carries of his own.

“They go out there and they just are so frustrating," Rank said of the Packers. “Just from a football perspective, like, what are you doing? I’ve seen this too long from Mike McCarthy. Why isn’t he held to the fire more and more? He’s had Aaron Rodgers for a decade, and he’s won one title?”

The Bears, meanwhile, have won three straight games since their Week 1 collapse in Green Bay.

“I think the Bears are a legitimate team,” Rank said. “They could clearly be 4-0 if it weren’t for a miracle by Aaron Rodgers, so I think they’re definitely in the mix."