Actor Will Sasso Discusses "Inside Game"

Sasso pulled back the curtain on his new film, which chronicles the NBA's gambling scandal involving Tim Donaghy

November 07, 2019 - 8:51 am
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Actor and comedian Will Sasso dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss his new film, “Inside Game,” which chronicles the Tim Donaghy scandal – one of the biggest scandals in sports history. 

“When you get to do something based on a true story, it always raises the level of excitement,” Sasso said on Ferrall on the Bench. “And with this story in particular, it was a lot of fun to be on the inside trying to recreate what happened with these guys.”

Sasso plays bookie Baba Battista, while Scott Wolf plays drug dealer Tommy Martino and Eric Mabius plays Donaghy. Scott Ferrall felt the film did a great job of pulling back the curtain on that lifestyle and exposing the underbelly of sports gambling – and those involved in it.

“The makers of the movie paid a lot of attention to make sure they get it right,” Sasso said. “They were constantly reaching out to all sorts of weirdos on the inside with regard to how things should sound, how everything (should go). There was always an attention to detail throughout the film just to the minute level where I’ve got to say this stuff. We were pretty detail-oriented about absolutely everything.”

Donaghy wasn’t on set during filming but has been promoting the movie. 

“Tim was a great ref, and here he is,” Sasso said. “He made what he would absolutely refer to as a mistake. Who better to have on a show than Tim, who cannot just outline how they make the sausage as far as the NBA refs go, but also how they do things wrong. He’s a very open guy. Time heals all wounds. I won’t speak for him, but (he) went through a lot of stuff.”

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