Aaron Rodgers, Packers Still "A Year Away"

The Packers have a great record, but they are not a great team, Chuck Freimund says

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
December 20, 2019 - 9:07 am
Aaron Rodgers Packers

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The Green Bay Packers (11-3) can clinch an NFC North title with a road win over the Vikings on Monday Night Football, but it won’t be easy. In fact, Milwaukee’s 105.7 The Fan host Chuck Freimund won’t be at all surprised if the Packers come up short – both against the Vikings and in the division.

“I think they’re a year away,” Freimund said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I don’t think the Packers have enough speed on the perimeter and at wide receiver. They’ve got two playmakers on offense and the defense has taken a step back. Then you’re wondering, ‘How is this team 11-3?’ I don’t know if they have any great victories this season.”

The Packers beat the Vikings at home in Week 2 and beat the Patrick Mahomes-less Chiefs in Kansas City in Week 8. Those are likely their two best wins of the season. Still, they are currently the 2-seed in the NFC and would of course love a playoff bye.

“To win the NFC North would be amazing for a team that has missed the playoffs the last two years,” Freimund said. “I didn’t have high expectations going into the season, but they’re going to be in the mix.”

Freimund thought the Packers would go 9-7 this season.
“They’re not a great team,” he said. “They’re a team who’s got maybe 9-7 talent. I think they’re playing over their heads a little bit. When they go into the offseason, they don’t have a legit No. 2 wide receiver and they’ve got some holes on the defense. On offense, there’s Aaron Jones, Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and there’s a steep drop-off from guys who can make plays on that team.”

While the Packers may be overachieving, the Milwaukee Bucks (25-4) have the best record in the NBA, this after beating the Lakers (24-5), 111-104, on Thursday. Giannis Antetokounmpo finished with 34 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists.

“This is a bigger deal for us here in Wisconsin and Giannis,” Freimund said of a December win over LeBron James. “We haven’t had a championship in the city of Milwaukee since 1971 – a pro championship when the Bucks won. And the Brewers have never won, so this is a big deal for people here, to have the best record in the NBA. But as Giannis said after the game, ‘Come spring, no one is going to remember this game.’”

Antetokounmpo hit a career-high five three-pointers Thursday.

“If they’re going to go out and guard him, Giannis is so good off the dribble, he’s going to burn by these teams,” Freimund said. “If he’s got single coverage, I don’t know. Giannis is going to take his game to the next level.”