Aaron Murray: Tate Martell Is "All Talk"

Martell has "a big bark," Murray says, "but that bite's little"

Tiki and Tierney
August 14, 2019 - 6:46 pm

Aaron Murray filled in for Brandon Tierney as co-host of Tiki & Tierney on Wednesday, and he didn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts about Tate Martell.

The former Ohio State quarterback transferred to Miami in January after former Georgia quarterback Justin Fields made his way to Columbus. Martell fully expected to become the Hurricanes’ starting quarterback, but redshirt freshman Jarren Williams will get the nod instead.

Martell, meanwhile, might regret talking such a big game this offseason.

“He tweeted out at Fields pretty much saying, ‘Don’t swing and miss twice,’” Murray said. “(He was) talking about, ‘Don’t transfer in and come and lose the job to me because I’m going to beat you.’ And then you don’t even stick it out for spring ball to see if you would even win the competition?

“He’s all talk,” Murray continued. “He has a big bark, but that bite’s little.”

Martell, a redshirt sophomore, completed 23-of-28 passes for 269 yards at Ohio State while adding 128 yards on the ground. He had three touchdowns (one pass, two rush) and zero interceptions.

“Just be a competitor, my friend,” Murray said. “Stick it out. You’ve been at Ohio State for a year, you know the receivers, you know the offense, you know everything, and you have a huge advantage heading into spring ball. You should feel like, ‘I’m the guy. I’m the one who has to lose this job’ – not the other way around. He didn’t even want to compete. That tells you something about the kid right then and there that he didn’t stick it out through spring ball to fight it out with Fields."