Murray: "No Doubt In My Mind" Buckeyes Best Team In Country

Ohio State is the most complete team in America, Aaron Murray says, and it starts with Justin Fields

Taz and the Moose
October 03, 2019 - 11:06 am
Justin Fields Ohio State Cincinnati

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Almost halfway through the regular season, the top eight teams in college football remain unbeaten. But for CBS Sports college football analyst Aaron Murray, one team, No. 4 Ohio State (5-0), is a cut above the rest.

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” Murray said on Taz & The Moose. “Justin Fields and what his development’s been, going back last year and to watch him at spring practice at UGA and then kind of seeing him when he got in the games, you had a freak of an athlete. The kid is 6-3, 235, 230, big, big arm, can throw it everywhere. But he tried to muscle everything. Everything was a rocket. ‘I’m going to put a hole in my damn receiver’s chest.’ That’s the development of a young quarterback: understanding timing with your footwork, understanding touch. When do I need to bring the fast ball? When can I just feather it in there and allow my receiver to catch the football and run?”

This year, Fields’ transformation is in full effect.

“His footwork is beautiful in the pocket,” Murray said. “He’s layering the football down the field really nicely, he’s keeping his head up when he gets outside the pocket – he’s not a runner first, that’s for sure. A lot of guys that are that good of athletes, if they feel pressure in the pocket and they get outside, they tuck it and run. But he’s doing a great of, once he breaks containment, he does a great job of keeping his head up and finding his receivers down the field. That’s when the big plays happen. Obviously we’re seeing him run the football really well, too.”

Fields has completed 69.8 percent of his passes for 1,092 yards, 16 touchdowns and zero interceptions. He’s also rushed for 222 yards and seven scores.

The O-Line deserves credit for that.

“Those guys have looked really, really darn good protecting in the pass game and opening up running lanes for (J.K.) Dobbins and those guys,” Murray said. “And defensively has been the biggest jump for me. Those guys, we know how talented they are, and last year they did not not bring it all the entire season. They looked very average, at best, for the majority of the year. This year, they got a chip on their shoulder and they are playing really good football.”

Ohio State has won its last four games by a combined 217-22 margin.

“So when we talk about complete football teams and Alabama lacking defense, LSU lacking defense, Clemson lacking consistency on offense at times right now – Georgia is complete, Ohio State is complete,” Murray said. “But to me, Ohio State on film looks the most complete. If I had to pick a top four, Clemson wouldn’t be in it, and Ohio State would be my No. 1.”