Lynch: We Believe In Jimmy Garoppolo

Many NFL folks aren't sure what to make of Jimmy G; John Lynch isn't one of them

Tiki and Tierney
August 26, 2019 - 6:56 pm

Jimmy Garoppolo is entering his sixth NFL season, and a lot of folks still don’t know what to make of him. He backed up Tom Brady, he signed the richest contract in NFL history, and now he is returning from a torn ACL.

Can he be an elite NFL starting quarterback? The 49ers say yes.

“There’s a lot of belief in him,” San Francisco GM John Lynch said on Tiki & Tierney. “People say, ‘Where’s that belief derived from?’ Anybody who was here the year we traded for him, we waited patiently, and I give Kyle Shanahan a lot of credit for that. When you trade for a guy like that, there’s an impulse to play him right away. Kyle waited and waited and waited until we felt like he was comfortable. He had to learn a new offense in the middle of a season, completely new verbiage, all of that.”

Garoppolo played well in 2017, leading the 49ers to five straight wins to end the season.

“He raised the level of everybody,” Lynch said. “He made everybody else around him better. We went on a nice run at the end of 2017, and then in the offseason we rewarded him.”

While some NFL analysts thought the 49ers were crazy to give so much money to such an unproven commodity, Lynch thought it was a bargain.

“We felt like (the quarterback market) was going to change,” he said. “Sure enough, he’s down to being paid 12th-most in the league or whatever, so that market has corrected itself.”

Garoppolo, however, was lost for the season in 2018 in Week 3. He has never played more than six games in a season and has 361 career pass attempts.

“At that position, the only way to get better is to go play,” Lynch said. “There’s enough belief in what he brings – his ability, his presence – that we were believers in him. Unfortunately, we missed that when he tore his ACL last year. So he comes back this offseason, he’s doing a really nice job, a better grasp of the offense – but still is in that position where he needs to go play.”

The 49ers open the season at Tampa Bay in Week 1.

Click below to listen to Lynch’s interview in its entirety.